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Citizens Capital Corp.
8135 Forest Lane, #515412
Dallas, Texas 75230

Business Focus

On behalf of its shareholders, Citizens Capital Corp carries out its operations through private equity activities, for the benefit of its own portfolio, which has a primary business focus in the following areas:

Securities Exchange Commission Regulation A+

The Securities and Exchange Commission passed Title IV, Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act on April 20, 2012. Regulation A+ permits both United States and Canada based businesses to raise a maximum of $50 million in capital every twelve (12) months.
Through industry specific platform entities, Citizens Capital together with its subsidiary and/or affiliated units may sale up to $50 million in public equity and/or debt annually for cash consideration and/or in direct exchange for the acquisition of diverse operating businesses and assets across several industry segments.

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

While not industrially limited, the Company is currently focused upon the following industries: foods, industrial products, branded consumer products, distribution, digital & social media platforms, ad agencies, sports apparel manufacture & distribution, entertainment products, banks, insurers, cannabis businesses within legal jurisdictions, gas station convenience stores, grocery stores, regional jet & charter airline services, commercial & multi family construction, website & mobile applications (Apps) design studios, e-commerce & distribution platforms.

Product & Brand Acquisition

Citizens Capital Corp., on behalf of its own portfolio, is engaged in the acquisition of consumer & industrial products and brands across a diverse section of industries.

Product Development

Citizens Capital Corp. seeks to maximize shareholder value by acquiring, consolidating, internally developing and/or redeploying those products and/or product licensing rights which may provide the Company and its shareholders with maximized values.